February 22, 2010

DIAZ and DIAN on Love Story

Heyyy.... i have a love story ... i think, ini sangat-sangat romantis ceritanya. Check This ......... ;)

A girl asked boy some questions:

Dian: Do u like me?

Diaz: Not yet..

Dian: Are u happy with me?

Diaz: Not really.

Dian: If I feel sad, will u cheer me up?

Diaz: I think no.

Dian: If I make a mistake will u 4give me?

Diaz: Nope.

Dian: If I die, will u sad 4 me?

Diaz: I'm not sure.

Dianl: U pick me, or your life?

Diaz: My life.

The girl was very shocked with all the words that the boy said. She walked away from him, but then the boy told her what was the meaning of all his answers:

'I don't like u, because I love u.

I'm not happy is because I'm totally crazy n feeling amazing if u are with me.

I'll not cheer u up if u sad is because I will never make u sad.

I'll not 4give u is because u never make mistakes, who always makes mistakes is me. What I have to 4give u about?

If u die I'll not sad is because I will die too with u...

I pick my life is because u are my life.,


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