April 20, 2010

Close Your Eyes , You will See the Green and Blue

Gift from Pemalang . hahaha .
These picture not taken by me, but by my rainnnn (hehe) . He's not a photograper , but he is maybe the photographer will be. hehehh :p

he is Agus - Diaz's friend . he wanna fly ! hahah :DD

beautiful scenery in field

Heyy... this beach, right ? I wanna go there ... but i don't have much time to go there now, HIKS :((


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moochelo said...

omg do you live there?? I'm seriously would love to live close to a beach.. You just made me miss Indo even more T_T but well, hopefully, I'll go visit indo this summer.. PRAY FOR ME cuz I seriously really want to.. :)