May 18, 2010

Silent and Lonely . . . [ LDR ]

denim jeans, blue tank top, blue balloon top, blue shawl [ from myboyfriend], and hair band
I am alone here . silent and lonely . Yeaah, i have boyfriend. Maybe he has become my soulmate too... But why i am alone here .. ?

You know, dear boyfriend , i really miss you now. .. Really really wanna meet with you ..
Why , Why we should be like this ?

I hate this long distance relationship !!
I hate this fact !


stylechanges said...

lovely top looks awesome

i hate long distance relationship

shatirah said...

where ur boy now?
** too busy body*hehe..

be patience ya diana.hehe:)


ye55i said...

Already linked your blog. thanks anyway.. ;)

Michelle said...

have lnked u. love the view!! :]

lolichocopop said...

thank you for the comment dearr (:
wahh.klo kangen sama pacar kan bisa skype tuh.coba aja.siapa tw bisa ngilangin kangen nya hihi (:
visit.comment and follow me

Noble Beeyotch said...

Aww! such a cute post...seems like you really love your boyfriend deeply! That's adorable!

Awan said...

waddohh,, pemandangannya kehalangan tuh,,,


thanks for keep my shawl

shatirah said...

wargh.i dont know where is ciberon.hehe:D

i linked u too! :)

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

be patient...

Abdul Malyk said...

kok di fotonya dari belakang sih..
salam kenal

lolichocopop said...

haha.bkan.klo yg studded it gue lupa bli di mna.ol shop yg pstii ud mulai karatan tuh ):
im going to link youu ): follow me dear ?

michelle_ said...

Dian.. Itu bkn rmh ku.. Itu nebeng foto di apt tmen ku di four season residence,,hahhaa..dsana bnyk bungalo2 nya gtu..hohoho..

Nice post btw :)