May 31, 2010

Purple Florals . . .

Heyy guys ... I am really really sorry, nowdays, i am so so lazy to update my blog. it's coz i am too enjoy to play Restaurant City on Facebook . hahaha . and now, heyy.. i am back .

Try to mix my old vest with my red top . hehehe (:

i am sorry if my style and photos here are too bad . hix . i am just use camera handphone to got these picture, so the result is BAD ):





floral vest , red top - soda girl , skinny jeans , unbranded bangles - gift from BF , leopard sandals .

and , this is my Restaurant ... in Restaurant City on Facebook =p

and they are part of employees in my resto . hahahaa :Dp
pretty and stylish , aren't they ? xx =p


Rebecca Clairine said...

thx for ur sweet comment on my post kak !
lama bgd ga posting . :D
jadi kangen nih . hihi ~

keep update yah !

michelle_ said...

cool pics !
i nvr have time to play facbook games -_-"

thanks for dropping by at my blog !
visit / follow / comment me back..
michelle @ glisters and blisters

syntendenza said...

hey. I stumbled upon your blog and thank god I did. Totally love the pictures. Also adore those cute pink bangles. Wish I could get them too.
I would love to exchange links..
Would be thrilled if you check it out and post your opinions.
I am following you on twitter

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

hanks for your comment ya :)
nice bangles
umm just a suggestion from me, why don't you ask your sibling or family to take full body pict of you? so your reader can see the whole outfit. hihi
check out my latest post ya


Michelle said...

cute bangles!!
thanks for the lovely comment ya :]

Miss Rinda said...

neng cantiQ blognya udh teteh follow yaaaa ^^

mksH udh maeN k blog teteh ^^

cantiQ pisan euy diana teh ternyata ^0^

Warm Greetings,

Miss Rinda - Personal Blog

kelly said...

thanks for ur comment:)
hihihi iya emg aga sedih pisah sm temen2 hehehe
anw u look pretty there:)

keep in touch
xoxo kelly

Tifany said...

nice picts ...
I have a suggestion, maybe you can ask your siblings or your friends to take a photo of you or you can use a tripod and maybe you can edit your photo. :) Im sure you can get a great photos dear :)
btw, thanks for your sweet comment :)
thanks if you've followed me :)

with LOVE

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

did u vote for me??
tolong vote donk

log in pake account fb
(klo error krn untrusted,,pilih add exception aja)

trus ke halaman 7

and ke bagian bawah foto n pilih ratingnya


sbm tgl 5 juni yach,,klo binun tanya langsung aja ya..

Anonymous said...

cantik bib fashionx...
trz smgt z y cubykuh ng'blogx...
chayo bibib.......

AlvianaKalin said...

thanks for the sweet comment dian..It's been 5 years realtionship with my boyfriend dear..hihi. :)

btw, ur restaurant looks nice. and the employees are just stylish and cute :D

check out my new post!


Noble Beeyotch said...

Nice to have you back. Love your bracelets. They go great with your outfit!