August 21, 2010

1st Award .

Actually about three weeks ago I got an award from Claudia Isabella … but, I'm really really really SORRY dear , I can post it now , too late :(

1. Why you use your blog tittle for your blog?
"Princess Bluera" is based from three word three meanings : Princess, Blue and Aurora . first, about princess, i wanna be a princess! haha. Well, i thought a princess had everything; beauty, happiness, prince charming and definitely :D And i really looove BLUE color! blue as sky, sea, eyes, it looks sooo fresh! blue represent my character who a dreamer, because i knew, from make a dream we will reach the future. And one more about Aurora, i am madly in love with Aurora as much as i fell in love with the rain. Aurora is the northern lights, or also known as the northern lights dance. I first became familiar with Aurora about four years ago when i was a high school class when i read the daily Kompas, since then i fell madly in love with Aurora. Finally, i combine Blue and Aurora became BlueRa ;)

2. Why do you love blogging?

Since time immemorial, from the time i was in Grade 6 elementary school i was really writing hobby. Among others, diaries, short story, poems and novels. Every time i'm angry, sad, or even happy, i'm always 'curhat' in my diary. So i decided to creat a blog.

3. Who's your favorite blogger?

actually, first i'm not a fashion blogger. But, when i read info about Queen Bee on Aneka Yess magazine, i am interested to be a fashion blogger! hmm... until now, my favorite blogger is Queen Bee and also Diana Rikasari ;)

4. Did you know why I named this award Ninja Blog Award?

because you're like Ninjas, but you're not fighting but blogging and make everybody impressed

5. Copy this award and tag for 3 other amazing blogger.

belongs to : anita putri, Lia Wp and Rebecca

So, that my first award. Thank you soo much dear and i'm really SORRY once again i'm too late to post it in my blog :)

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loves, diana


joy and amore said...

oke,ntr aku post awardnya ya.
thank you mucho dear :))

Shatirah-Dstation said...

congrats for the award dear :)


mellisa said...

congrats or the award :)

Rebecca Clairine said...

thx for the award kak !
it will be posted on my blog too ,
THANK YOU again kak :*


beckyxoxo said...

Congrats for the award :)

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

congrtas for the award!

michelle_ said...

cute award :)

take care and have a good weekend !