May 17, 2014

Hello, I'm Come Back!

Hello world, it's been long time i left my blog... And now i'm come back! I'm sooo glad!
Many stories i want to tell this time. About me, my fashion style, my dreams, and especially about my clothing line: BLUERA.

Yayy! Have you heard about BLUERA? Bluera is my clothing line that i initiated about half a year ago. Hihi still very young. But Alhamdulillah, many people likes my products.

Actually, Bluera was found on the end of 2011, and at first Bluera born not as a brand, but as an online shop that sells women's fashion accessories. And finally, Alhamdulillah now Bluera as a new clothing line. Sooo happy!

By the way, about Bluera's product is "ALL ABOUT WOMEN'S WEAR" ; Clothing and Accessories, like dress, blouse/top, skirt, pants, hijab, headband/hair accessories, brooch, necklace and bracelet.

Let's look at a few samples of Bluera's products below...

What do you think about my products guys? Hope you like it. ;)
Don't forget to visit Bluera's website at
Follow Bluera on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @BlueraClothing

Thank you. See you next post ;)

1 comment:

Dessycherryponie said...

HI Mba,

Salam kenal....hebat deh udah punya cloting sendiri...

Dream ku juga kepengen bisa begitu deh...doakan ya.